Welcome to the Official Mutya ng Pilipinas Website

The Mutya ng Pilipinas Organization promotes “Beauty Tourism” within the greater Asia Pacific with the direct participation of the Overseas Filipino Communities, this being a distinct component of its National Pageant Event. The Organization is motivated and inspired by its guiding thrust to assist in promoting Tourism, Social Responsibility, Fashion, and Beauty pageantry.


2016 Contestants

Lynette Bradford
Joanna Rose Toledo
Cassandra Costales McDonald
Jannie Loudette Alipo-on
Jessica Jane Morales
Marah Munoz
Thalia Joyce Coronico
Rose Ann De Jesus
Joanna Marie Rabe
Michelle Thorlund
Rhancoise Marie Mayangitan
Marielle Cartagena
Mayu Murakami
Rdelyn De Leon
Ann Lauren Ose
Maeryhnella Umayam
Petche Ann Vale
Angela Yagaya
Nellza Bautista
Jurice Encarnacion
Rianne Charlotte Kalaw
Dianne Irosh Joy Lacayanga
Kristen Karla Dela Cruz
Ace Dianne Morales
Mary Theresa Ema Gomez
Justin Mae San Jose
Marie Joyce Marfori
Ganiel Akrisha Krishnan
Renelyn Deguit
Ashley Nicole Singh