About Mutya ng Pilipinas

The Mutya ng Pilipinas Organization is more than about beauty pageants; it is a culture, a lifestyle, and an advocacy that celebrates the true beauty of the Filipina.

Beauty pageants are placed on a different pedestal in the Philippines. Very much like any other prestigious event, we round up a village of passionate minds who share a goal of raising winners. This is the culture of the Mutya ng Pilipinas Organization that brings to life the epitome of elegant and modern-day queens and are also given recognition as the Queenmakers of the country.

More than a local celebration, the Organization promotes “Beauty Tourism” within the Asia and West Pacific, putting the beauty of Filipinas on an international spotlight. Inspired by its guiding thrust to assist in promoting Tourism, Social Responsibility, Fashion, and Beauty, the Organization engages its business in worthwhile endeavors that promotes the Philippines as a major and revered tourism destination.

Over the years, select Overseas Filipino Communities as well have been formidable partners of Mutya ng Pilipinas. These Filipino Communities include: Northern and Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, Midwest, the East Coast, Hawaii, Canada, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Scandinavia. Delegates are selected and sent to participate in the annual pageant event.

With the evolving definition of beauty, the Organization advocates a strong sense of self-love for oneself and one’s roots. We promote body positivity towards the youth, to uphold pride of origin being proudly Filipina, and lastly, to harness authenticity and gratitude all throughout personal growth.

Dedicated to continue the ongoing legacy of Filipinas, the Organization represents the overall lifestyle of beauty pageants in its finest form. We are devoted to empower young women, inculcate values of what makes a true beauty queen, and influence generations to come to echo a voice for change locally and internationally.

This is Mutya ng Pilipinas.