About Mutya Pilipinas

The Mutya Pilipinas Organization promotes “Beauty Tourism” within Asia and West Pacific with the direct and key participation of the Overseas Filipino Communities, this being a distinct component of its National Pageant Event.

The Organization is motivated and inspired by its guiding thrust to assist in promoting Tourism, Social Responsibility, Fashion, and Beauty pageantry — a combination which differentiates itself from other similar pageants. It engages in worthwhile endeavors that will enable itself to achieve and make a contribution to promote the Philippines as a major and revered tourism destination. It also intends to show everything that is beautiful about the Philippines, giving respect and value to the word ‘Filipina with a social conscience’, that is … what it can do to make the Filipina a meaningful and responsive social well- being. Beauty is also synonymous to Fashion, and should be made known that the Filipina is a fashionable person and makes therefore the Philippines a cosmopolitan and fashion center in the greater Asia Pacific.

The Mutya Pilipinas National Pageant Event serves as a vehicle to promote everything that is beautiful in the Filipina and the Philippines. Over the years, select Overseas Filipino Communities have been formidable partners of Mutya Pilipinas through long term arrangements, with them sending their delegates to participate in its annual pageant event. These Filipino Communities include: Northern and Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, Midwest, the East Coast, Hawaii, Canada, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Scandinavia.

The winners of the Mutya Pilipinas Pageant are sent to international pageant events, such as Miss Asia Pacific International, World Top Model, Miss Tourism International. Mutya ng Pilipinas, Inc. is ably supported by major partners, and alliances among select television networks.

Today, the organization is managed principally by an Executive Committee and its President Cory Quirino. The Committee is headed by Chairman Frederick H. Yuson with Directors Joseph T. Tan, Herminio Jose L. Alcasid Jr. and Atty. Daniel Kendrick Tumangan.

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