Mutya ng Pilipinas, Where Beauty Begins…


(Story of Mutya ng Pilipinas since its inception)

Mutya ng Pilipinas started In 1968 through the initiative of a group of professionals and civic minded businessmen. It was registered as a non-stock, non-profit corporation with the principal intention of promoting Tourism for the Philippines overseas.

The original name was Miss Asia Quest Inc. This was the beginning of 46 years of beauty pageantry in the country.

Over the years, it continued to be associated with the exquisite beauty of the Filipina, their intelligence, and confidence to continuously boost the tourism for the country. The organization is motivated by its ideals to support Tourism, Social Responsibility, Fashion, and Beauty pageantry — a fusion which differentiates itself from other pageants.

The organization adheres to utmost transparency to preserve the ideal standards in pageantry systems.

In 1981 and 1982, the international pageant component was launched entirely in Malaysia where the Philippines was represented by the Mutya winner. By the year 1984, the organizers invited countries and territories within the Pacific. Thus, the new pageant title became Miss Asia Pacific Quest (MAPQI) which holds and manages both the Mutya ng Pilipinas national competition and the Miss Asia Pacific Quest pageant.

For its overseas component, National Organizers were invited from the countries across the Pacific Ocean which included Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Canada and North America.

The 18th year succesfully reached another milestone. By 1985, it had registered up to 40 countries/territories affiliated with the organization. In that same year up to 1989, the international pageant was even shown in Hongkong in partnership with a leading television network.

In the years 1977 to 1991, MAPQI was the franchise holder for the Miss World Beauty Pageant sending candidates to the International Pageant in London.

By the start of the new millenium to 2003, the then President of Mutya ng Pilipinas, Inc., took the initiative of empowering the National and International annual events. Thereafter, Mutya became an independent National Pageant event with its own corporate name – now known as Mutya ng Pilipinas, Inc. It introduced the inclusion of representatives from overseas Filipino communities since 2001. This is not only to distinguish the Filipino roots of overseas-based delegates, but also to jump-up the level of face-off in the national pageant. He also created a new ‘International Pageant event’ marking an ‘international brand’ known as Miss Asia Pacific International. The titles for the National Pageant Event are: Mutya ng Pilipinas – Asia Pacific International, Mutya ng Pilipinas – Tourism International and Mutya ng Pilipinas – Overseas Communities. Major titlists are sent as Philippines’ representative to international beauty pageant events, Miss Tourism International, Miss Tourism Queen of the Year and Miss Intercontinental.

Renowned for its Standards: To further strengthen MPI’s continuing desire to reserve its standards & credibility as a dominant pageant operator, it has secured a partnership with an independent group to be the official Auditors apart from the official Tabulators. Since then and until now, overseas Filipino communities in Asia, Australia, various locations in the United States, the EU and Scandinavia, are consistent participants to vie for one of the most coveted beauty titles.

Regional and Provincial Presence: MPI continuously pursues innovations whenever possible. Starting in early 2011, it is the only pageant organization in the Philippines that has existing offices, branches or outlets in major cities outside of Metro-Manila, such as in Cebu & Mandaue City, Bacolod City, Puerto Princesa City, Iloilo City, Davao City, Cagayan De Oro City, Boracay, & Pangasinan.

Long Term Partnerships: The various cooperation entered into by MPI are intended to strengthen is relationship with its partners & cooperators overseas, its sponsors, & its obligations to the public.

MPI – associated Resort Facilites: MPI may be the only national pageant organization that has continuous presence in a premier resort facility in Southwest Philippines. The renowned Sheridan Beach Resort & Spa has been declared its official resort home.

MPI boosts in having 3 other associated resorts (in Iloilo, Boracay, & in Pangasinan). The organization can utilize these resort facilities at anytime to bring class into its adventure-filled special events.

Thus, it is said that the beauty queens who were sent as rpresentatives to the international competitions proudly magnify the real essence of beauty worldwide. Going beyond the captivating look, it goes deeper into the epitome of beauty inside and out.